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I’ve been working as a photographer for the past 13 years. I’m self taught as in I didn’t attend a school but I have heavily invested in my education and mentored with some of the worlds most talented photographers. Some of my favorites were Rachel Vanoven and I’ve now trained with Cass from Noelle Mirabella three times.

I am well versed in newborn safety and have taken three dedicated courses for training and posing. Newborns are tiny treasures and my goal is to photograph them beautifully but in the safest way possible.

My courses with Noelle Mirabella taught me to find my inner voice to tell your story. She helped me find my way in a world full of inspiration to be able to show how I see it. I love connections between people, moments that hold your heart and creating images that show the story of your life.

I will continue my education in photograph for as long as I can hold my camera.

Timeless. I want to create portraits that can’t be dated by an editing style or an outfit. I want you to feel something when you see it. I want to take a photo that makes you stop what you are doing to look longer.

My favorite subjects are people. I love people. I also love photographing animals. So people and animals together must be my favorite.

I love photographing small intimate weddings, newborn babies, maternity photos, and I even love photographing passport photos because it has allowed to me to meet people from around the world and hear their stories and for locals it’s so fun to hear where they plan to go on vacation. I have become well known for photographing newborn passport photos as I have already got the studio set up to take them without parents having to awkwardly hold them up in front of a white screen.

I never like to make people wait. I understand the excitement to see final images. While we need some time to carefully prepare photos we can usually guarantee 7-10 days. Business head shots that are needed sooner or anything considered urgent can also be done. Our studio operates 7 days a week and our goal is to have our clients happy.

We are always building our client closet and currently can often provide outfits from children under 6. Anything in our studio can be used for clients and we are adding to it all the time. If you have any questions about clothing or items we have that can be used feel free to ask. We carry a variety of gorgeous hand knitted items from Miou kids and handmade and vintage dresses. We also carry maternity dresses that clients are welcome to use for their sessions.

Yes! I always have favorites. They are based on my needs for colour and light and depth. I have different favorites for time of day and time of year and I will always know where we should go to take your photos.

Yes. I love photographing people in their most favorite place….home.

At this time I do not offer in home newborn photos. I like to able to pull inspiration from my studio props, backdrops and collection of newborn outfits and since I use so many items to photograph your baby it would just take too much work to bring all the things I would need to make your session perfect. I do have a comfortable and easily accessible studio in the Village Green Mall with easy access to Starbucks if we are wanting a hot beverage.

My ducklings are hatched in an incubator in Cherryville BC and I hand raise them for the first few weeks of life as they need more care when they are tiny. They go back out to the farm to be egg layers once they are bigger. I have ducklings get really February through September. To shoot with ducklings you must book in advance as I can’t always guarantee I will have them. Ducklings can be part of newborn sessions or our story book sessions.

We do offer ID photos. We can do any type of ID photos for any age and we specialize in meeting the requirements of any country.

My experience with babies and children has helped me be successful in taking passport photos for any age.

We can take walk ins but always best to have an appointment so you don’t have to wait.

We sure do! We have graduation packages starting at $99 that include your session, professional editing, use of our cap and gown and two digital images with matching 8 by 10 prints.

We also provide real roses, encourage you to bring friends, family, and even pets.

We want your graduation photos to represent you so we can guarantee you love them. It’s more than a photo…it’s a moment in your life.

Honestly always but we are very busy with school photos in August and September. We have adorable sets, props and backdrops and can create the photos you are wanting with real expressions. Photos can be stressful and our goal is to create an environment where children feel safe and secure to be themselves.

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