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Fiona Blacquier

Hello. My name is Fiona Blacquier. I am a portrait photographer based out of the Okanagan but originally from Dublin, Ireland.

I picked up my first camera as a child and never put it back down. I followed in my mother’s footsteps by always having a camera in my hand and eye for the best light.

I feel it’s something magical to capture a portrait of a child or a mother or a time in your life that shouldn’t be forgotten. A photo…whatever the quality…brings you back to the moment and provokes memories. I want to help you to remember…but I want your memories to flourish through art.

I love people and their stories. I love hearing the plans of a graduating student or the hopes of a new mother. People are walking novels full of surprise. Through photography I’ve gotten to hear about the real life magic that is happening all around us.

I’m a vivid dreamer. I see everything for its colour. Story book photos came from my love of jewel tones, connections between people, and the emotion that florals can bring to any moment. I need photos to be more than just a picture. I need them to be their very own emotion and for whoever sees them to feel a connection to what we created.

Thank you for taking the time to view my work ♥️

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